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As a Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD) which provides health services to all levels of society. The Wangaya Regional General Hospital, Denpasar City, always improves itself and improves the quality of service to the community, so that the services provided are satisfactory and in accordance with established standards.

With this website, we hope that we can provide more information to all levels of society, as well as the public being able to convey their concerns, complaints, criticism and constructive suggestions so that we can provide better service. Entrust your health check to us, Wangaya Regional General Hospital, Denpasar City with the address Jln. Kartini No. 133 Tel. 222487 – 222141 – 222142 Fax 224114.

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Serving Is Our Obligation.

The main task is to provide quality health services in accordance with hospital service standards.

Latest News from Wangaya Hospital

Wangaya Hospital CRS in Commemoration of the 52nd Kopri Anniversary

Friday, November 24 2023

Wangaya Regional General Hospital, Denpasar City along with the Denpasar City Manpower and Competency Certification Service and the Denpasar City Transportation
OK BOS Application Service Innovation

Friday, October 27 2023

In today's digital era, all access to activities is mostly supported by digital means.
Wangaya Hospital, Denpasar City Launches Innovation - Responsive and Free Telemedicine Service Integration Strategy (SINERGI).

Sunday, September 03 2023

Wangaya Regional Hospital launched the innovation "Responsive and Free Telemedicine Service Integration Strategy" (SINERGI).
Health Talkshow - Let's Protect Ourselves From Rabies

Wednesday, June 21 2023

Currently in Indonesia there is an increase in rabies cases. Rabies itself is a deadly infectious disease in humans and animals.
Whistle Blowing System

Wednesday, May 24 2023

If you see, find and hear individuals at Wangaya Hospital, Denpasar City, practicing extortion, corruption and nepotism
Talkshow About - Diabetic Foot Prevention

Tuesday, May 23 2023

Good News Wangaya Regional Hospital is holding a FREE Talkshow for Diabetes sufferers.

Thursday, May 18 2023

In connection with the designation of Wangaya Hospital, Denpasar City as an integrity zone, all people within the Wangaya Hospital, Denpasar City
Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1444 H

Friday, April 21 2023

In humility there is height of mind, In poverty of wealth, there is richness of soul. Life is beautiful if there is the word sorry
In Commemoration of World Glaucoma Week

Wednesday, May 31 2023

In commemoration of World Glaucoma Week, Wangaya Regional Hospital provided education about glaucoma